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Even When It Hurts

Released November 12th, 2023, "Even When It Hurts" is a collection of original material written and recorded by Todd Wilfrid King.

Some songs were written on piano, changing the sound from the hard rock edge of the "Love and Nipples" album released in 2012.  Guest appearances on the album include guest drummers and bass players, Darryl Swart, Brian McCullough and Chaz Coats-Butcher.


Love and Nipples

Released June 18th 2012, Love and Nipples was an album of original Rock songs written and recorded in Calgary, Alberta by Todd Wilfrid King under the band name Sratabuse.

This was a guitar centric album that rocked hard.

It is no longer available, though some of the songs were rearranged and recorded on "Even When It Hurts".

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